Hello death


Flying around like a buzzard



My body needs repair

I often give up

I feel you taking over

My pain is great

It is difficult to go out

Sad dreams arrive nightly

Terrible dreams as well

I do not know what to do

I am not ready yet

I think I need to call Jesus

He will help


You are my final stop

I am calling Jesus now

Jesus will call me back

    to let me know

   if I am ready

for my next life

my phone does not ring

a friend from the past

once said


when enough days go by

my phone won’t ring

he was talking about women

would rather

talk with someone


We were talking

like all guys do

about girls

we were dating

he said we won’t

look good forever

I didn’t think much

about that

but years

raced by

and he is right

I leave messages

but calls aren’t returned

I’m guessing this works

both ways —

women leave messages

for guys

who never return calls

So many

lonely people


a friend

or just

a call

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