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i am someone who listens

22 Feb

Thanks for dropping by

Don’t give up

your dreams

I put dreams in the attic

and they are still there

My dream was to be a poet

living from my poetry

and I did for awhile

it’s been years

here is the good news. . .

I’m picking up my

pen and

beginning again

hang in with me

I have lots to share



22 Feb

I can’t let my yesterdays

darken my life

and thoughts

I am not the same person 

God, please forgive me

as I forgive others

I am broken

striving to be holy


22 Feb

i leave the lamp on

next to my bed

i turn

music on

the lamp and music are my lighthouse 

there is no body to see

no body to call

lighthouse, be my friend tonight

I am broken but trying to be holy

20 Feb

I am broken into many pieces. I am not the same person I was as a child, as a student or as a friend.  I relate and expect differently today than yesterday.  Inside, I am trying to be holy in my own way.  Even as I continue the Christian path, I find myself daily not meeting up to what I wish. I try to help others — strangers, friends and family. This is the part of me trying to become holy.  In this body of clay, my spirit strives to help and heal others by my words and actions. 

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