I started to say something to you but you were not there

16 Aug

I did not think it would end

I was warned …
yes you warned me
over and over
that one day
things would change and
you and I would change

you asked me
why did I bring work
on our vacations

my mind was about
making extra money
I used the time on vacations
at the expense
of time we could
have had

my work
took first place,
our time together
took last place,
but I did not see it
that way

I realized there would be
no more vacatons
we would share

I was going to stop
bringing work
I was going to spend
all our time

next time
our vacation never came
bad health took you away
I spent 10 days with you
a month before
your final

it’s too late to
turn time backwards

maybe I will have a chance
to turn the clock backwards
for someone else

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