If Jesus Came To Your Door

What if there was really angels or even Jesus knocking at your door? What if a slob who came knocking on your door was not a slob? And needed water? Or asked if he could cut your grass or do any repair work on you house? Would you turn him away if he was dressedContinue reading “If Jesus Came To Your Door”

Did Jesus Pass By?

I was at Trader Joe’s in Lousiville my wife was in the hospital I could not find flowers the florists were closed Went to Trader Joes for wine and saw flowers The blonde manager with a ring in her nose and lips asked if she could help me she selected the flowers and gave meContinue reading “Did Jesus Pass By?”

I had no words to help him

I feel helpless my friend is going through a troubled job, overwhelming since others quit he took over their duties the factory is requiring employees to work 12 hours of day 7 days a week he came to me for a word of hope he is not smiling and not himself sleep is rare andContinue reading “I had no words to help him”

the world spins too fast

the world spins too fast for gentle people my closest friends ran the race we were going to have it all we became tired and didn’t keep in step where was the race to end up . . . was there a basket of gold or promise of health or forever friends it’s been awhile,Continue reading “the world spins too fast”

prayers hanging from heaven

I have sent a lot of prayers up there over the years many prayers did not seem to be answered I am glad they weren’t many prayers were self-centered and would have been destructive to me those prayers were answered with silence . . . another word for no or not now looking over theContinue reading “prayers hanging from heaven”

Slowing Down

after the rushing all that rushing   rushing to climb the career ladder rushing to buy the best   watching others pass on while I work   my mind always wanting wanting this wanting that going for security & recognition   how many man-made gods did I follow– money recognition and greed did I putContinue reading “Slowing Down”

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