my life in greenwich village

I can’t remember what year but I was about 18 or 20 years old wanting to live from my writing   Greenwich Village in New York city seemed the right place to begin   I rented a room at Greenwich Village Hotel for less than five dollarsĀ a day   I lived on the third floorContinue reading “my life in greenwich village”

he never became famous

I knew him then it was so many years ago it was his first year of college he talked about writing poetry and becoming famous he was determined to become famous before 25 years old in college he published his first poetry book his girlfriend paid for the printing of a thousand copies it soldContinue reading “he never became famous”

I have very little to give today

it hurts that I don’t have more to give no extra time no extra money nothing they expect but everything they don’t want . . . I can give a few minutes of time but that’s not enough for them I can give a couple of dollars but that’s not enough for them and whoContinue reading “I have very little to give today”

is it too late to pray?

this year I had some medical problems which I shared with some friends there were kind words but one friend thought I may not make it after I explained what my doctor said and what the diagnosis was, he seemed to be without words and after what seemed like 5 minutes of pure silence heContinue reading “is it too late to pray?”

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