tambourine girl

11 Oct

it was a cruel night
lightning flashing in front
of me in my car
thunder crashing
and rain blinding my driving

I saw a light from a small
building and stopped since
the rain filled the windshield
I heard music

Not sure why I did
I went into the building
being invited by the music

I had without knowing
walked into a small church
and watched as
a teenager
dressed in white
play a black wooden tambourine
with a white scarf hanging from it

another girl, a few years older
she was singing the gospel song
“amazing grace”

both were swaying & dancing!

this is the part
I am unable to explain —
the church was filled with
all ages of people
and as I watched
I was unable to move …
it was like I watched in slow motion
people going to the front
and waiting for
the preacher to pray
for those coming forward
many stayed until I left

without speaking to anyone
I walked to my car
I felt totally renewed

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