I have very little to give today

16 Oct

it hurts that I
don’t have more to give

no extra time
no extra money
nothing they expect

but everything
they don’t want . . .
I can give a few minutes of time
but that’s not enough for them
I can give a couple of dollars
but that’s not enough for them

and who are “them”?
they are those
I meet daily who are in need
those who have known me for years

I’m sure they don’t understand
that what I was able to help with
then is not what I’m able to
help with now

I helped them
in the past so freely
they don’t understand
why things have changed

I still give what I can —
kind words, smiles
a sandwich, fries & drink
from the local café
but if you ask for more
I will help but

but not as much as I
once could

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