christmas at sieska key beach

it has never happened before but it did this time i entered a contest and won a round trip airplane ticket and one week free stay at a hotel at sieska key beach, florida   years ago i came to the beaches at clearwater, tampa, orlando and panama city, florida . . . i becameContinue reading “christmas at sieska key beach”

she asked me to pray for her in case she did not make it through her operation

i understand more than she knows   she knows of my involvement and love of Christianity and wants to know if she is ready really ready if she does not make it through a serious operation   she says she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal savior at age 14 but has not lived the live she thinksContinue reading “she asked me to pray for her in case she did not make it through her operation”

dog & bone sandwich shop

i came  to this sandwich shop to have the right atmosphere to relax to think about my life, and write a few poems   i order a turkey and cheese sandwich I take a few bites and put a few words on napkins   it’s  cold the words won’t flow   no one else is eatingContinue reading “dog & bone sandwich shop”

thanksgiving at cocoa beach village

it’s cold for thanksgiving day i was invited here at cocoa beach village, florida to give a poetry reading   and no one greeted me as i stepped off the bus i call my contact person who arranged this no one answered   there were supposed to be several people attending at the historic collage village playhouse as i readContinue reading “thanksgiving at cocoa beach village”

where did the days go?

i was in my teens when I knew I wanted live by my writing (it was only a dream and hope)   and for awhile i wrote and published and traveled to different towns and cities giving poetry readings and signing  books at bookstores   yes i had  a lot of fun times during this time   lifeContinue reading “where did the days go?”

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