Jesus, i’m running with you today

hi Jesus others may not like what I am sharing but I do believe in you and I am leaning on your today for support   I have been waking up depressed and today I decided to think of you every moment of the day (and I realize this is not entirely possible) and askContinue reading “Jesus, i’m running with you today”

will creativity return?

what a question   I remember words flowing and writing 2-page poems without stopping   and as I wrote  each word not knowing what would follow it was  “inspiration” like only inspiration  can be in its finest and purest essence   each day was filled with emotions that would be written and later I strivedContinue reading “will creativity return?”

oh my! the box of letters

cleaning out old papers giving away old books I ran across a box of letters   I sat in a chair and read one after another the letters were from readers of my own published books (out of print now) these letters were dated long ago   those who wrote to me said they readContinue reading “oh my! the box of letters”

i never had a beach house

this is another sad poem it goes like this   i was in my teens and pictured in my mind living in a beach house with a small boat living as a writer   this world would include no worries just fun and love and living off the money from poems published in magazines and poetry book salesContinue reading “i never had a beach house”

friday night alone

didn’t everyone use to call friday night the official date night?   it’s now friday night i’m at a mall   i see others sitting and texting   i feel their hurt after their texting  ends they stand up and walk slowly down the mall   i guess whoever they texted had plans other plans that wouldContinue reading “friday night alone”

he will never talk with her again

something was wrong   I could tell by the hard knocking on my door   we were always close friends and today he needed a friend in the worse way   my friend and his wife had argued the night before . . . the arguments were about nothing important he was just in one of hisContinue reading “he will never talk with her again”

he did not know how to tell her “i love you”

the young man cried cause he wanted his wife to stay with him   when he met her words of love flowed from his lips   work, pressures and children have caused him to forget how he once was   and his wife his beautiful wife feels unloved and is thinking of leaving him  Continue reading “he did not know how to tell her “i love you””

walk with me today, jesus

it’s will be a hard long day   i woke up with anxiety about what i have to do   i worry about pleasing others and i try not to let friends down   sometime i say or do the wrong things that hurt people instead of build them up   no matter how the day endsContinue reading “walk with me today, jesus”

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