oh my! the box of letters

22 Jan

cleaning out old papers

giving away old books

I ran across a box of letters


I sat in a chair

and read one after another

the letters were from readers

of my own published books

(out of print now)

these letters were dated long ago


those who wrote to me said

they read my books

because of the pure sadness I expressed

some said I was depressed, like they were


I never saw myself as writing depressing  poetry

until another person wrote

that the emotional pain I shared

(in relationships that did not work out)

did not give them relief from their own depression



the breakups I  I wrote about

and how intense pain I felt

gave them companionship

as they went through their depression


one woman said my sorrow

(as she understood it in my poetry)

helped her make it through

the tough Christmas seasons

when she lost so much


one never knows where our words

will end up

and whether they will heal

someone going through the same pain


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