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i ain’t complaining and i ain’t crying the blues

29 Feb

looking back

when I had my youth

I gave my days and nights

to work on an assembly line

working 10 hour days

at a truck factory in Louisville



all the time

wanting to be a writer

and live off the poems


in my spare time

I wrote and wrote

for years


then I realized my dream

of writing was only going

to be a dream, nothing more


I still had enough energy

to go to college

it took me twice as long

and I found work I loved


I gladly worked two jobs

to catch up on bills


it’s strange how time slips by slowly

now the wind is blowing

a different direction

employers love the energy

of youth

I have discovered one thing

(at least for me)

 experience is not

all that important anymore anymore —

no one wants my years of experience

they want students out of college without

experience so they pay less

(Oh my, the mistakes I could help

them avoid, if only I was hired as

their director). 

New therapists can do more harm than good

if they do not have experience in their field.


I’ve stopped looking

for work I love, you see . . .

my youth has faded



where did you go?


now don’t read me wrong

I ain’t complaining

and I ain’t crying the blues

I am just

thinking things through


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