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Sitting in leonard’s cafe listening to others talk about me

26 Mar
I was enjoying a buffalo chicken sandwich 
and drink 
as I overheard a man and woman talking 
a few tables behind me

they were talking badly about someone
and at first 
I tried to tune out their conversation

then I heard --
"why don't they keep those rough necks
out of this place --
they rip and roar with their motorcycles
and have no respect for anything or anybody
they wear worn out clothes and shirts with
harley davidson motorcycles printed on them
like we are supposed to think they are 
big and bad"

I looked around 
and realized I was the only other person
in the café
and I was wearing 
a harley davidson motorcycle t-shirt 
I purchased in florida
when I attended my nephew's wedding 

the couple continued ranting and raving about
those motorcycle guys who 
don't work --
"they get money wherever they can
I bet that guy up there stands on 
street corners
begging for money for food
and comes in a place like this and eats
and drinks whatever he wants"

after realizing they were discussing me
I took in the rest of their conversation
as I finished my meal

they don't know me 
they are judging me

upon paying my bill,
I gave the waitress a ten-dollar tip
and asked her to give an envelope
to the couple who sat two tables
behind me

inside the envelope
I had written a letter and 
included three ten dollar bills

my letter mentioned I overhear their
conversation and wanted them to 
remember not everyone who wears 
a motorcycle t-shirt
is like they describe
I went on to mention
I've always worked for money
and I wanted to pay for their meals
today with the enclosed money

Since the next day would be Easter Day
I ended the letter
wishing them a Wonderful Easter

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Written on March 26, 2016  
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Saturday night at the one star motel

14 Mar

That is all I could afford on a cold snowy Saturday night.  A cheap $22.00 motel in a not so good section of town.



The food joints were closed for the night.  The motel had old oranges and aged apples (the apples went well with the peanut butter I brought).


Two ladies, older than myself, came over and joined me at a table.  We shared what I had on the table.  We were the only three visitors at this motel on this cold freezing night.


We shared memories of good times.  Most of our dreams had not come true but it felt good that the three of us were not alone, we tried, but things did not work out quite like we expected.


As we went to our separate rooms, the ladies became tearful.  They said it had been so many years since a stranger had taken time to spend with them.  Especially a man.


I went to my room.  I was sad there had been so few people who would take time to brighten the life of others.

I couldn’t enter your world

1 Mar

it was during high school

you never said hello

or even noticed when

I passed by



is it possible

my memory of you

is too beautiful?

you were popular with

guys with fashion label clothing

and football players

basketball players &

baseball players

something happened

along the way


tonight a high school friend

showed pictures of you taken this year

I thought I was looking at

an older women toward

the end of her life

I saw skin and bones,

white hair

and skin hugging bones

around your eyes

then a surprise photo . . .

I saw a photo of

you in an orange suit

being booked in jail


tell me

how did crack and meth

come into your life?



do you see the guys from

high school anymore?

I guess you came across

more exciting friends

who introduced you to a new thrill

of cocaine and meth

and now

the thrill is gone

many years have passed

is there any way

I can help?



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