The Bum At The Seelbach

It was a Friday, March 29, 2013 according to my journal. Judie and I were hanging out at Fourth Street Live where the young and old come to celebrate. Walking by the Seelbach Hotel Judie said can we go inside and have a hamburger and drink? This is where famous writers used to hang out.Continue reading “The Bum At The Seelbach”

the counselor named “loser”

I lived in bowling green a college town in kentucky taking classes, barely passing and not at all happy about taking required classes I did not want to attend I often walked by a man who was old alone (maybe without family) but peaceful there was just something about him I felt at peace whenContinue reading “the counselor named “loser””

They call him Skull. He is an angel in disguise

the accident happened in the darkness before the sun awakened it happened to my best friend Mike from high school we got together and sang songs thinking we would become famous singers someday I remember singing lots of songs from the 1960’s in those days we loved speeding and Mike was driving his new carContinue reading “They call him Skull. He is an angel in disguise”

searching for the perfect person

I have spent most of my life walking unfamiliar streets once in awhile a friendly wanderer crosses my path we celebrate finding each other and for a brief time I become aware of what love can do to my hopes to my days and to my life then it ends I never know if it’sContinue reading “searching for the perfect person”

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