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Hello fellow poet. You changed my life!

20 Jul

I was afraid to contact you.
You were well known as the poet
in your city
throughout our state
in other states
and several countries.
Your books were sold in
all the independent bookstores.
And later I saw your poetry books
in book racks
in major bookstore chains.

I felt small compared to you.
I did not have a book published.
I did not know if
what I wrote could be called poetry.

I wanted to be a poet
(since 14 years old)
but was not sure I was writing poetry.
I asked different poets
for advice.
They often said
“If you don’t know
what a poem is
I can’t explain it to you.”

I was too shy to contact you.
Yet everyone said
contact this guy
he is a published poet.
And he teaches creative writing
at a local college.

In my eyes
you were
too famous to meet.

We did meet later.
We had a lot of good times.
Talking, smoking cigars,
drinking wine, and talking
over good food
(that you always paid for).
Once I brought my girlfriend
with me
you picked up the tab
for us.

As the years passed
we autographed books together
at B. Dalton Booksellers
and Waldenbooks.

You changed my life.
And without saying anymore
you will know who you are.

Let’s always remain

When you meet me

17 Jul

If you are ever around
an off-beat shop
or a cigar bar
or record shop
or used book store

you will probably find
me there
smoking a cigar,
searching for
old jazz records
or looking for
poetry books
by unknown poets
(like myself)

I’m that kind
of person

And if you see me
and say “hi”

I’ll smile back
and buy you a
ice cream cone

From the back cover of
“Love Touching Love”
a book published in 1974
by Jim Wortham
(Note: The title and poem
are slightly edited)

The message that broke her heart

17 Jul

A young woman
sits on the ground
beside a tree
tracing a design
into the dirt
with her

She looks
into the sky
then across the fields
then back into the sky

thinking about her spouse
(a police officer)
she had waiting for

to celebrate
their newborn child

the message

he won’t be home

Revised poem from
“When Twilight Begins”
a book published in 1969
by Jim Wortham

Love, where are you hiding?

17 Jul

When I love
I write
happy poems

When love
is over
I write

When love
is neither now
or over
I rearrange
my poems

When I’m tired
of rearranging
my poems
I get on my knees
and pray
for love

From “Touching You Touching Me”
a book published in 1974
by Jim Wortham

Dear Crystal

17 Jul

Today I had
a steady stream
of inspiration

I thought of you
every time
my watch ticked

From “Touching You Touching Me”
a book published in 1974
by Jim Wortham

Kiss me and love me. Leave when you must.

16 Jul

It’s those extra years
that won’t allow
our relationship to survive
(we can’t understand how this
can happen now but it will)

I’m years older than you
My face and body
appear youthful

I treat you with love
and respect
and loving words
(you are not use to that
with younger men)

If we stay with each other
I will remain loving
and loyal
but with passing years
your heart may wander to
a younger man
and his words will be designed
to win you from me

I will love you forever
but when my heart breaks
it will not heal

I know you love me now
but years will pass
(even as slow as they do)
I will still want and love you
but you will love another man

I don’t know
when this will happen —
when you will want to go places
I can’t go
or when you will want to do things
I no longer can

I love you now
I always

Accept my love today
and for many tomorrows —
love me back
and give me
1000 kisses
and more

When time and age
turns against me
leave quietly
while I’m asleep

I will continue to love you
in my memories
each night

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