6 Mar



I am getting older.

I think the youngsters need someone younger.

I’ve worked pulling kids and fathers and mothers

out of drug overdoses.

I’m getting tired.  The drugs are becoming more powerful.

A policeman told me today that he brought a man back alive from drugs

and when the  man woke up he tried to kill this officer

(from the effects of coming out from a drug induced almost death).

In the end, the man had a heart attach and died (not the policeman).


I have worked in this town about 23 years

and have seen every drug on the increase.

I’ve been offered drugs (no I never accepted them).

I had once lovely lady shoot up

with a needle in my counseling room.

I asked her what was happening —

she said she was taking insulin for diabetes.

Minutes later I called 911 as she went unconscious (she lived).

I’m ready to start writing poetry again as I did in the 1970s and 1980s.


Thanks for taking time to read my story.

Blessings,  Jim Wortham



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