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27 Apr

Where have the gentle people gone?

Maybe there were not many

but I did meet a few

throughout my life.

I’m thinking of a friend who

would fight me to pay the lunch or

dinner bill.

I am thinking of the gentle couple

who talked with me while

waiting for a dinner tables

then they paid my dinner check

when they left

(I never had a chance to thank them).

I don’t want those who deceive me

to be my friends.

I want the gentle people to

return into my life



27 Apr

I used to love eating this at night.

I learned too late

weight gain would become a problem.


Now 30 pounds later

how fast can I loose

those cookies

and the ice cream

that show on my waist

and stomach?



I’m on my 17th diet book

and I’ve had my ups and downs.

I’m on track now

to once and for all lose

all those cookies

and all the ice cream.

Too Many Broken Pieces To Repair My Life –or can i glue my life back together?

21 Apr

I put my dream of writing on the basement shelf

in 1978 after writing 12 poetry books.

I was ready with a title and the poems for

another book.

I self-published my earlier books

and was responsible for sales

and distribution.


It’s too many years now

to reach that dream of success


is there

still time?


Who would remember me now?

With the new publishing technology

where do I begin to publish,

promote and distribute?


It wouldn’t be difficult

since we have eBooks

and print-on-demand  books.


I am unsure of my writing


Back then in 1969 when I

published my first book —


I was able to develop a following

of readers.

Letters would come to me most days.

After the 12 books were published

I let my reader slide away

and I’m fortunate to have

two dozen on FaceBook.


I am great at rambling as you notice.

Feel free to request to be my friend

on FaceBook as I do a lot more writing

there then you will find of WordPress

at this time.

You will find me with

white hair and beard

living in Madison, Indiana.


Thanks for stopping by

and visiting.

Leave me a note if you have time.



Sending love.

May God be with you

and protect you in this tough life.


—- Jim Wortham  4/2/19







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