I still don’t drink beer until afternoon

2 Jun


said not to

drink beer

until after the noon hour

or I would be





unless I am on a vacation —

then mom said

it’s okay

to have morning drinks

on trips


later in life

a friend asked me

to go

to a few AA meetings



i asked the group

when they used to have

their first drink each day?

Each gave a time

always after

the noon hour



i asked how

they could be

an alcoholic

drink  before noon?

Everyone stared at me

for several minutes

even my friend



could mom

be wrong?



I guess there

was a message

in all that silence

and  all

them AA members

staring at me





be wrong?




2 Responses to “I still don’t drink beer until afternoon”

  1. Jim Wortham
    Jan Springer June 23, 2019 at 11:44 pm #

    JIm, after reading this, you have to be the man I corresponded with back in 1972. I believe one of the books I had was titled LOVE. The person I wrote to then was a struggling artist and I just knew that he would become something, after all, anyone with talent like his had to be taken seriously. (But what did I know at 12??) Anyway, I’m hoping you are the man I speak of. That man gave me a lot of wisdom and courage. I just finished a 24 hour poetry marathon and had a blast! Please, let’s talk a bit. Look forward to hearing from you! Jan :

    • Jim Wortham
      Jim Wortham July 8, 2019 at 6:25 pm #

      Hi Jan, so glad our paths have crossed again. Wow, what a ride this life has been. I think I may be that person. We are now friends on Facebook. Thanks for your very kind message. Have a blessed life.

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