poets sometimes die too soon

10 May

i am thinking of poets

i once knew

it’s sad



rod mckuen

donald hall

peter mcwilliams

and others

didn’t live forever


as a poet


the question becomes

what’s the use

in writing  more poems

getting another book




after all

no one will remember my

name after i’m gone

donald hall (poet)

mentioned that in a book



but i remember Donald

and ordered 2 poetry books tonight —


& “the painted bed”

both written about his

wife who died years ahead of him.

Don almost made it 90 years.


when we are young

we will never die

we all cross a line

as time passes

where we sonder

how soon we will die

and how should we spend

today and tomorrow


a reality check

not trying to be

crying the blues



it’s life

just life












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