I’m returning to Greenwich Village, New York to be a singer….listen for me on the radio

11 May

I wanted to be a beatnik

missed that

then thought I’d be a hippie

I flew to Greenwich Village

with a guitar and

duffle bag filled with belongings

rented a cheap hotel room

met poets and wannabe singers

who later became household names

with books published and

record deals



I was too insecure

to read my poetry

or sing my songs

maybe it was

never meant to be



I’m returning to

Greenwich  village


I’m feeling more confident

it’s time to try again

this time I’ll take my guitar

and sing my songs

and read my poetry


I still remember how to play

the guitar chords

C, F and G7.

those chords work for

most songs


be sure to

listen for me on

satellite radio!

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