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My Poetry Engine Has Not Been Running For A Long Time But I Got It Started Again

31 Jan

Once upon a time

after my teens, 20s and 30s

there were years

I neglected writing.

Let’s talk about my

poetry engine.

I allowed it to rust while

I chased new jobs, money

and material things that

don’t mean much anymore.

I lost time that should

have gone toward writing.

I actually forgot

how to write as I once did.

Now my poetry engine

is running –however slowly.

Thanks for reading

my prose and poems.

The poet inside me walked away without warning and will never come home again

30 Jan

Where did the poet go?

I try to write poetry

but my words

fall flat

without life.

The poet

walked away

as I made a living

and neglected

to provide

love and attention.

Without warning

my poet went to find

someone new

to find love and

won’t return.


will bring the poet

back home.

Lovely Lady, May I Join You Tonight?

30 Jan

I still want to meet


I try so often.

At coffee shops.

At book stores.

I was at a Books-a-Million Bookstore

when a lady who was

looking at the same authors’ books

asked “Have you read his books?”

Yes, I’d said, may I buy you a coffee?

I still have met ladies

even while being so shy.

Yes, I was so shy

I used to call girls on the phone

and hang up before

they answered.

(She really would not want to talk with me would she)?

I got older and forced myself to overcome

shyness (I never did)

but I took my chances meeting ladies

knowing they might look at me

and walk away.

I became more at ease

and sometimes I was lucky enough

to have a lady join me

for a delightful dinner

then we would spend the evening together.

And sometimes to become

part of

a long and loving relationship.

She said, Honey, You Have Style!

24 Jan

I was eating a BBQ sandwich

when a youthful lady

asked if she could join me

of course I said

she sat down, smiled

and said,

“Honey, you have style!

you wear Harley-Davidson clothing”

To be honest, I said

I don’t own a Harley-Davidson bike

She loved to talk and said

“I can help you improve

your life overnight

buy a Harley-Davidson bike

park it in your front yard

for everyone to see and admire”

She assured me

people will stop

and talk about my bike

“Think of all the new friends

you will have!”

As she stood up

to leave she said

“Buy yourself a bike

you will have more

style and respect

than you can ever believe”

As I thought about

what she said

I decided to drive to


of Bloomington, Indiana

to buy the newest most

beautiful bike they have

At my age I can use

all the status, admiration

and style I can get!

It’s A Very “Blue” Night

21 Jan

I feel blue tonight

I’m not the only one

when days go bad

I turn on music

rather than call a friend

(I may pull down a friend)

give me a day or two

I’ll be up

I hope you understand

some days everything

goes wrong

(no money to pay bills)

this is one of those days

tomorrow I promise

to write a poem

you might love

An Angel Sat Down And Talked With Me

20 Jan

I never saw her before

I was eating alone

and some friends

sat down and talked

they were the type of guys

who laughed

and told clean jokes

we all ordered lunch

when our food arrived

one asked

if he could say grace

of course we said

after an hour they left

I was sitting alone again

a lovely lady who

sat nearby

asked if she could join me

yes, of course

she said you are a Christian

aren’t you?

(how did she know)


she continued, I’ve been watching

you and your friends

you all seem so different

she looked into my eyes

for what seemed minutes

and said

you may be involved

with someone

but on the chance you’re not

may I leave you my name

and phone number?

This has happened only once

I was lonely then

the following years

were so wonderful

A Few Days In A Poet’s Life

19 Jan

Years ago

after high school

and off and on

while attending college

I dreamed of being a poet

of publishing books

of love poetry

I remember not having money

to eat well

I cooked food in my apartment

hot dogs

potato chips & onion spread

popcorn with butter

I drank ripple wine

and cokes

I sat on my couch

writing about falling in love

This was a creative time

loneliness, sadness and depression

flows from a poet’s pen

during times like this

I wish I saved

all the scraps of papers —

most poets will tell you

they threw away poems

they wish they kept

I recall

the extreme swing of emotions

Feelings of love were so intense

Seeking someone to love

was never ending

Sometimes I went to beach towns

for inspiration to write

and when I was lucky

I met someone to spend

precious moments

of my life with

These were a few days

in a poet’s life

Looking for Love in Winter

18 Jan

I stayed at a beach motel

looking for love

I walked the beach

I was lonely

she appeared

and said hi

she was looking for love

and said why don’t we

spend time together

and we did . . . for many days

at the beach

We dated a year

our distance apart

brought another man

into her life

Shannon, if you read this,

remember I loved you

one winter

You Left Quickly Without Saying Goodbye

17 Jan

It’s happened

many times before

I was just a toss away

someone to

“love and leave”

you gave no warning

you did things to cause

me to love you

knowing how to smile

hold my hand

give longs kisses

speak loving words

You left as quickly

as you entered my life

My world is spinning

this world is not good

to gentle people

It’s Midnight & I’m Feeling the Blues

16 Jan

News came today

not on television

but from your best friend

you didn’t want to deliver

words saying you met

someone you love

more than

you ever loved me

I’m locked out of your life

I know why you stopped

answering calls & texts

I’m sinking

into the blues

deep, deep, deep blues

not doing anything

my phone ringing


not wanting to talk

eating cheese and crackers

I’m lonely

Lord, I am so lonely

help me please

help me

make it through the night

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