She Wore A Multicolored Halo

12 Jan

She was beautiful

there was a halo that

was multicolored

I never saw anything like it

I met her in at

a Crusade for Christ meeting

I rarely attend meetings

but it was Friday and I didn’t have

anything happening

My eyes stayed focused on her

she had a halo but different than

a white one….it was multicolored

The halo caught her eye

and she made eye contact

After meeting her

we went to a coffee shop

and spent days together

Let me fast forward

she was not the girl I hoped

she experimented with every drug

given by her friends

Over time I noticed her changing

Her halo lost the colors and became gray

then black

then the halo disappeared

She was flirting with drugs

they finally gripped her

and took her down

Three months later,

we met occasionally

she wore torn clothes

her teeth no longer shined

they became unclean

and some became broken

her smile had disappeared

I discovered she had an

alternative life with

friends who gave her exotic drugs

she traded favors

to get the drugs

The halo


and there was nothing I could do

to help her

she did not answer

my phone calls



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