A Few Days In A Poet’s Life

19 Jan

Years ago

after high school

and off and on

while attending college

I dreamed of being a poet

of publishing books

of love poetry

I remember not having money

to eat well

I cooked food in my apartment

hot dogs

potato chips & onion spread

popcorn with butter

I drank ripple wine

and cokes

I sat on my couch

writing about falling in love

This was a creative time

loneliness, sadness and depression

flows from a poet’s pen

during times like this

I wish I saved

all the scraps of papers —

most poets will tell you

they threw away poems

they wish they kept

I recall

the extreme swing of emotions

Feelings of love were so intense

Seeking someone to love

was never ending

Sometimes I went to beach towns

for inspiration to write

and when I was lucky

I met someone to spend

precious moments

of my life with

These were a few days

in a poet’s life

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