Lovely Lady, May I Join You Tonight?

30 Jan

I still want to meet


I try so often.

At coffee shops.

At book stores.

I was at a Books-a-Million Bookstore

when a lady who was

looking at the same authors’ books

asked “Have you read his books?”

Yes, I’d said, may I buy you a coffee?

I still have met ladies

even while being so shy.

Yes, I was so shy

I used to call girls on the phone

and hang up before

they answered.

(She really would not want to talk with me would she)?

I got older and forced myself to overcome

shyness (I never did)

but I took my chances meeting ladies

knowing they might look at me

and walk away.

I became more at ease

and sometimes I was lucky enough

to have a lady join me

for a delightful dinner

then we would spend the evening together.

And sometimes to become

part of

a long and loving relationship.

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