Everyone Wants My Money

9 Feb

Does this happen to you?

Pick up your phone

and there is someone

trying to sell you something?

Open your mail

and there is an offer to buy

Watch TV

and there are offers

to buy

There is a fight

for your money

I laugh instead

of buying

If you can’t laugh

turn off the TV

don’t answer the phone

toss away your mail

Don’t we get tired

of the fight of others

wanting our money?

I’m becoming

a recluse

and a hermit

I’m giving away

my old belongings

to Goodwill

& Salvation Army

why would I buy more?

Someone asked why

I don’t buy a new car?

I replied


I would have

to find someone

to give it to —

don’t you see

my 12-year old car

is still running well?

Everywhere I turn

someone wants

my money

and it’s harder and harder

for me to be nice

when I tell them no —

how about you?

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