One Day At A Time

Not just one drug but all I can name She knows her friends are not friends Guys she believed were friends and sad at the same time gave her drugs There was a cost She started selling drugs She was caught She now offers personal favors for drugs I stopped by her attic apartment bringingContinue reading “One Day At A Time”

Jesus, can you fix my broken day?

My morning seems broken Did not want to get out of bed Food has no flavor I swallow multivitamins instead of eating I stare out the window it is peaceful out there but very cold I will stay in turn the phone off It is a day to be alone with my thoughts to directContinue reading “Jesus, can you fix my broken day?”

Jesus, help me off this merry go round

I feel I am at an amusement park ready to be thrown off a merry-go-round I am trying to keep up with life with the obligations I have accepted Help me set down the things others have asked of me I cannot stand much longer under the weight of the demands Help me set downContinue reading “Jesus, help me off this merry go round”

Jesus, will you help me as I give flowers to people in the parking lot?

Jesus, you see the lonely people in this parking lot going home without love? Today, I bought two dozen roses to give away. I’m depending on you to lead me to those who need a spark of love. I need you to point out twenty-four people needing love. I have a red rose for eachContinue reading “Jesus, will you help me as I give flowers to people in the parking lot?”

Jesus, I’m Scared When I Wake Up

I do not know why I feel dread when I awaken like something wrong is going to happen Maybe I feel like I am not right with you, Jesus Did I ask for forgiveness for the wrongs of yesterday Christianity is messy for me at times I have habits I am trying to break IContinue reading “Jesus, I’m Scared When I Wake Up”

Thank You For Being My Friend

You walked with me even to places I should never have been You watched as I did things that were just wrong You allowed me to trip and fall so I would look for a different path Angels protected me The angels talked & walked & laughed All that time I thought they were humanContinue reading “Thank You For Being My Friend”

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