Jesus, help me off this merry go round

I feel I am at an amusement park ready to be thrown off a merry-go-round I am trying to keep up with life with the obligations I have accepted Help me set down the things others have asked of me I cannot stand much longer under the weight of the demands Help me set downContinue reading “Jesus, help me off this merry go round”

Jesus, will you help me as I give flowers to people in the parking lot?

Jesus, you see the lonely people in this parking lot going home without love? Today, I bought two dozen roses to give away. I’m depending on you to lead me to those who need a spark of love. I need you to point out twenty-four people needing love. I have a red rose for eachContinue reading “Jesus, will you help me as I give flowers to people in the parking lot?”

Jesus, I’m Scared When I Wake Up

I do not know why I feel dread when I awaken like something wrong is going to happen Maybe I feel like I am not right with you, Jesus Did I ask for forgiveness for the wrongs of yesterday Christianity is messy for me at times I have habits I am trying to break IContinue reading “Jesus, I’m Scared When I Wake Up”

Thank You For Being My Friend

You walked with me even to places I should never have been You watched as I did things that were just wrong You allowed me to trip and fall so I would look for a different path Angels protected me The angels talked & walked & laughed All that time I thought they were humanContinue reading “Thank You For Being My Friend”

Lord, thank you

Hello Jesus, I know you are watching over every step I make When I go the wrong direction you help me turnaround I have felt isolated this year The Coronavirus caused great fears for everyone Thank you for protecting me I wore a mask to prevent getting or giving the virus to others It hasContinue reading “Lord, thank you”

Lead Me Not Into Temptation

Should I speak for only myself or for others? Temptation began in my teenage years continued through college days and then just continued Addictions developed Wrong choices made Does this sound familiar? I pray each night Jesus, lead me not into temptation Forgive me for my wrong doings Thank you Jesus for your forgiveness

He Brought Me Flowers

She never got over the loss of her husband There will be no one like him Looking into her eyes Bringing roses to her every Friday She will not look for anyone else to make her happy She believes there is no one for her I understand Few men bring flowers or presents to theContinue reading “He Brought Me Flowers”

Dear Jesus — Do You Remember Saving Melissa and Me from Two Car Wrecks?

Hi Jesus, we have gone a long way together I remember your protecting me from two car wrecks where cars pulled in front of me as I drove to work I thought I would hit these cars broadsided Both times they were at a stop sign then both times the cars crossed directly in frontContinue reading “Dear Jesus — Do You Remember Saving Melissa and Me from Two Car Wrecks?”

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