watching the clock tick toward the last days …if the doctor’s report is true

I read the doctor’s report not just one diagnosis but several one being terminal It was on the hospital patient “portal” I discovered how to enter my personal portal My doctor never discussed that one deadly diagnosis never It might mean 3 months or just a few years to get my final plans together, asContinue reading “watching the clock tick toward the last days …if the doctor’s report is true”

waiting for a miracle

she is strugglingto livebreathingis difficultCOPD took overfrom smokingstarting as a teen I do not havewords to comfort herI can sithug& cry with her how many days?some say maybe a yearothers say a monthsix monthsat the most she is struggling nowas I hold herin my armssending prayersto Jesusfor a miracle yes, I remembershe was popularand nowherContinue reading “waiting for a miracle”

my phone does not ring

a friend from the past once said someday when enough days go by my phone won’t ring he was talking about women would rather talk with someone younger We were talking like all guys do about girls we were dating he said we won’t look good forever I didn’t think much about that but yearsContinue reading “my phone does not ring”