Will My Poems Make Their Way Around The World?

It happened during college I published a poetry book of my poems titled WHEN TWILIGHT BEGINS I spent $300 to print 1,000 poetry books They sold slowly at first as time went by they sold in other countries My college bookstore sold the book for one dollar I visited gift shops independent bookstores and headContinue reading “Will My Poems Make Their Way Around The World?”

Secrets Are Made To Be Secrets

I should not know everything about you even though I beg you to tell me everything about your past and your desires Yes I want to know everything but I could not handle or deal with all you would tell me & you don’t want to know all about me if you knew it allContinue reading “Secrets Are Made To Be Secrets”

My Poetry Engine Has Not Been Running For A Long Time But I Got It Started Again

Once upon a time after my teens, 20s and 30s there were years I neglected writing. Let’s talk about my poetry engine. I allowed it to rust while I chased new jobs, money and material things that don’t mean much anymore. I lost time that should have gone toward writing. I actually forgot how toContinue reading “My Poetry Engine Has Not Been Running For A Long Time But I Got It Started Again”

The poet inside me walked away without warning and will never come home again

Where did the poet go? I try to write poetry but my words fall flat without life. The poet walked away as I made a living and neglected to provide love and attention. Without warning my poet went to find someone new to find love and won’t return. Nothing will bring the poet back home.

Lovely Lady, May I Join You Tonight?

I still want to meet you. I try so often. At coffee shops. At book stores. I was at a Books-a-Million Bookstore when a lady who was looking at the same authors’ books asked “Have you read his books?” Yes, I’d said, may I buy you a coffee? I still have met ladies even whileContinue reading “Lovely Lady, May I Join You Tonight?”

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