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She said, Honey, You Have Style!

24 Jan

I was eating a BBQ sandwich

when a youthful lady

asked if she could join me

of course I said

she sat down, smiled

and said,

“Honey, you have style!

you wear Harley-Davidson clothing”

To be honest, I said

I don’t own a Harley-Davidson bike

She loved to talk and said

“I can help you improve

your life overnight

buy a Harley-Davidson bike

park it in your front yard

for everyone to see and admire”

She assured me

people will stop

and talk about my bike

“Think of all the new friends

you will have!”

As she stood up

to leave she said

“Buy yourself a bike

you will have more

style and respect

than you can ever believe”

As I thought about

what she said

I decided to drive to


of Bloomington, Indiana

to buy the newest most

beautiful bike they have

At my age I can use

all the status, admiration

and style I can get!

It’s A Very “Blue” Night

21 Jan

I feel blue tonight

I’m not the only one

when days go bad

I turn on music

rather than call a friend

(I may pull down a friend)

give me a day or two

I’ll be up

I hope you understand

some days everything

goes wrong

(no money to pay bills)

this is one of those days

tomorrow I promise

to write a poem

you might love

An Angel Sat Down And Talked With Me

20 Jan

I never saw her before

I was eating alone

and some friends

sat down and talked

they were the type of guys

who laughed

and told clean jokes

we all ordered lunch

when our food arrived

one asked

if he could say grace

of course we said

after an hour they left

I was sitting alone again

a lovely lady who

sat nearby

asked if she could join me

yes, of course

she said you are a Christian

aren’t you?

(how did she know)


she continued, I’ve been watching

you and your friends

you all seem so different

she looked into my eyes

for what seemed minutes

and said

you may be involved

with someone

but on the chance you’re not

may I leave you my name

and phone number?

This has happened only once

I was lonely then

the following years

were so wonderful

It’s Midnight & I’m Feeling the Blues

16 Jan

News came today

not on television

but from your best friend

you didn’t want to deliver

words saying you met

someone you love

more than

you ever loved me

I’m locked out of your life

I know why you stopped

answering calls & texts

I’m sinking

into the blues

deep, deep, deep blues

not doing anything

my phone ringing


not wanting to talk

eating cheese and crackers

I’m lonely

Lord, I am so lonely

help me please

help me

make it through the night

Our last evening together

8 Jan

I play back each word

within my mind

wondering what

caused our relationship

to crumble

before my eyes

Maybe it wasn’t words

it may be someone new

entered your life

and you felt I

wouldn’t understand

and would only try

to talk you out of it

I sit alone tonight

blaming myself

In the days to come

if you discover what


our relationship to break

that could not

be put back together

would you

write me a letter

so I’ll know?

The Season of Love

8 Jan

No, I don’t want to leave you

but I must

I see tears flowing from your eyes

Your parents say I’m not your age

you say you have to say goodbye

our nights were good

better than good

they were jaw-dropping beautiful

didn’t they have an idea

how old I was?

I ate with you and

your parents day after day

week after week

month after month

while our love increased

and without warning

I became too old for you

Your parents had a friend

who wanted to date you

(did you have a choice in this)

you cut our relationship

with one simple phone call

saying it was good

while it lasted

but it’s over


thanks for a season of love

Hitchhiking for a Date

6 Jan

My old Chevy

purchased for $150

was broken down

it was old and slow

as date night arrived

I planned to hitchhike

to a dance and walked

to a busy highway

a police lady stopped

asked if she could help

I smiled, said it was friday

I wanted to go to a dance

and my car was in the shop

She wished me good luck

and winked good-bye

A fire-red Corvette slowed

a girl in her late teens

with a gorgeous smile

asked if I would like

to go for a ride

this was the beginning

of a dazzling relationship

I’m not sure what changed

we stopped dating

maybe my Chevy

drove too slow

and her Corvette

drove too fast

the relationship ended

as quickly as it began

Dear Penpal, I almost made it in time

3 Jan

It’s been a long time

I realize


it’s been too long

Time turned into years

since I received your first letter

mailed from a small beach town

you discovered my poetry book

in a used bookstore

and mailed a 7 page letter

I wrote and

sent you a signed collection

of my other books

we continued a relationship

through hand written letters





we enjoyed the mystery

of creating an alternative

reality of each other

from handwritten letters

we never talked

or shared photos

we were content to stay

mystery friends


what each other

was like

just when

I planned a surprise trip

for us to meet

a letter from your sister, Gloria

arrived saying

waves on the beach

engulfed you

in their arms

and carried you





and now I wish

I only wish

I could do a redo

and make this ending


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