waiting for a miracle

she is strugglingto livebreathingis difficultCOPD took overfrom smokingstarting as a teen I do not havewords to comfort herI can sithug& cry with her how many days?some say maybe a yearothers say a monthsix monthsat the most she is struggling nowas I hold herin my armssending prayersto Jesusfor a miracle yes, I remembershe was popularand nowherContinue reading “waiting for a miracle”

my phone does not ring

a friend from the past once said someday when enough days go by my phone won’t ring he was talking about women would rather talk with someone younger We were talking like all guys do about girls we were dating he said we won’t look good forever I didn’t think much about that but yearsContinue reading “my phone does not ring”

Jesus, will you help me as I give flowers to people in the parking lot?

Jesus, you see the lonely people in this parking lot going home without love? Today, I bought two dozen roses to give away. I’m depending on you to lead me to those who need a spark of love. I need you to point out twenty-four people needing love. I have a red rose for eachContinue reading “Jesus, will you help me as I give flowers to people in the parking lot?”

Lord, thank you

Hello Jesus, I know you are watching over every step I make When I go the wrong direction you help me turnaround I have felt isolated this year The Coronavirus caused great fears for everyone Thank you for protecting me I wore a mask to prevent getting or giving the virus to others It hasContinue reading “Lord, thank you”

He Brought Me Flowers

She never got over the loss of her husband There will be no one like him Looking into her eyes Bringing roses to her every Friday She will not look for anyone else to make her happy She believes there is no one for her I understand Few men bring flowers or presents to theContinue reading “He Brought Me Flowers”

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