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He Brought Me Flowers

7 Mar
She never got over the loss
of her husband
There will be no one like him
Looking into her eyes
Bringing roses to her
every Friday?
She will not look
for anyone else
to make her happy
She believes there is
no one for her
I understand
Few men bring flowers
or presents
to the person they love
Years are passing
I often see her
walking to her mailbox
Letters her only companion
She believes in Jesus
prays to accept her loneliness
Please brings someone wonderful
into her life
who will fill it with love and roses


Lead Me Not Into Temptation

7 Mar

Should I speak for

only myself

or others reading this?

Temptation began during

my teenage years

and continued

through my college days

and afterwards

There are addictions

I developed &

I made wrong choices

Does any of this sound familiar

for anyone?

I pray each night to

Jesus, lead me not into

temptation and forgive me for

all my wrong doings

Thanks Jesus

for your forgiveness

My Emotions Are Up and Down and All-around

6 Mar

It’s one of those days

I don’t have anyone to talk with

I don’t want to depress anyone

It all seems to happen

at once

I’m sick & my doctor

prescribed four prescriptions

I need money for unexpected bills:

medication bills

electricity and water bills

groceries bills

It’s one of those weeks when

the more I try to work things out

the further I fall behind

I don’t like myself

when I wait until now to

ask for help

but who can I call for help?

I’ll swallow my pride

and ask the one I know will help

Jesus, will you help me meet

all my needs?

and help me out of depression tonight

I thank you in advance

Dear Jesus — Do You Remember Saving Melissa and Me from Two Car Wrecks?

5 Mar

Hi Jesus,

we have gone a long way together

I remember your protecting me

from two car wrecks

where cars pulled in front of me

as I drove to work

I thought I would hit these cars


Both times they were at a stop sign

then both times the cars

crossed directly in front of me

Was it Angels that suspended my car

during those times

I saw my entire life

flash across my mind

as I was prepared to crash

but the cars crossing in front of mine

on two different days

passed without crashing

Now, many years later

I think it was Angels,

God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit

who saved my life

However, I haven’t told the rest

of the story

There was another person in the car

a lovely lady named Melissa

who was going to work with me

we were carpooling from Louisville

to Hardinsburg, Kentucky

Hello Melissa, if you are reading this

I think you may remember this

and I think you could have been

as fearful as I was

I believe it was Angels

sent on assignment by God

that saved us

Thanks Jesus for

saving our lives

PS: Melissa, if you read this

let me know how are doing

She’s Waiting for Someone to Bring her Roses

4 Mar

Amy never got over

her husband dying

telling me there will be no one

like him

Looking into my eyes

she says what man do I know

who brings roses to his wife

every Friday?

She doesn’t want to look

for anyone else

to make her happy

she believes there

is no one for her

I understand

I don’t know any man who

brings flowers or presents

home to the person he loves

Years are passing

I often see her

walking to her mailbox

letters seem to be her only companions

Amy believes in Jesus

and prays to be able

to accept her loneliness

Jesus, will you bring

someone wonderful

into her life

who will bring roses each week

and make her life beautiful

once again?

Lord, Thanks for Protecting Me

3 Mar

Hello Jesus,

I know you are watching over every step I make and when I go the wrong direction you help me do a turnaround. This year I’ve felt isolated. The Coronavirus caused great concern for everyone. Thank you for protecting me from falling ill with that virus. I wore a mask to prevent getting the virus or giving it to others. It’s not been easy to wear it. I won’t dwell on the fact I find it difficult to breathe while wearing masks. I know this is short-term. Stores and malls will open again. There will be no masks needed someday. I miss the personal touch of being with friends who are staying in their homes to avoid contracting the virus. Thank you for keeping me safe since I have medical conditions that would make me vulnerable to dying from the virus. People reading this a year or two from now will not realize the concern we all had. Jesus, you are my savior and protector and my friend.

Thanks For Being My Friend

2 Mar

You walked with me

even to places

I should have never been

and you watched

as I did things

that were just wrong

You allowed me to trip

and fall

so I would

look for a different path

Angels protected me

the angels talked

& walked

& laughed

& all that time

I thought they were


You sent them

didn’t you?

I’m reaching for your hand

I’m older now

I don’t see as well

I believe my path

is changing again

Please keep walking

& talking

& protecting me,


Call Me From Heaven

27 Feb

Your car crashed

someone was speeding and

entered your lane

minutes later you were gone


I never got to say goodbye

I think of how many times

I could have called you

on the phone

Now I wish I had


no matter how late it was

Maybe sometimes you

waited for the phone to ring

One day

I’ll see you in Heaven

and I’ll call your name

and reach for your hand

and you will reach back

and touch my hand

and please know

when we meet again

I’ll bring love

that will last forever

The Last Phone Call

25 Feb

I wonder

after you breathed

your last breath

after just two days

after we talked . . .

I wonder why I forgot

to tell you how much

I appreciate you

how much

I need you

and how much

I love you

When my time comes

and I enter

the doors of Heaven

I will look for you —

will you

reach for my hand?

Can we continue

where we left off


Will My Poems Make Their Way Around The World?

13 Feb

It happened during college

I published a poetry book

of my poems titled


I spent $300

to print 1,000 poetry books

They sold slowly at first

as time went by they

sold in other countries

My college bookstore

sold the book for one dollar

I visited gift shops

independent bookstores

and head shops

I sent sample copies

to bookstores in

other countries

I received orders

from countries

Letters arrived daily

I had some penpals

from other countries

I published

two books a year

I thought my books would

continue selling but I learned

very few things

lasts forever

sometimes not even love

One day the lights went out

my books no longer

could locate

lovers of poetry

What happened

I’m not sure

but if it is possible

bring back those days

let me have a replay

let me

send my poems

throughout the world



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