my phone does not ring

a friend from the past once said someday when enough days go by my phone won’t ring he was talking about women would rather talk with someone younger We were talking like all guys do about girls we were dating he said we won’t look good forever I didn’t think much about that but yearsContinue reading “my phone does not ring”

She said, Honey, You Have Style!

I was eating a BBQ sandwich when a youthful lady asked if she could join me of course I said she sat down, smiled and said, “Honey, you have style! you wear Harley-Davidson clothing” To be honest, I said I don’t own a Harley-Davidson bike She loved to talk and said “I can help youContinue reading “She said, Honey, You Have Style!”

It’s A Very “Blue” Night

I feel blue tonight I’m not the only one when days go bad I turn on music rather than call a friend (I may pull down a friend) give me a day or two I’ll be up I hope you understand some days everything goes wrong (no money to pay bills) this is one ofContinue reading “It’s A Very “Blue” Night”

An Angel Sat Down And Talked With Me

I never saw her before I was eating alone and some friends sat down and talked they were the type of guys who laughed and told clean jokes we all ordered lunch when our food arrived one asked if he could say grace of course we said after an hour they left I was sittingContinue reading “An Angel Sat Down And Talked With Me”

It’s Midnight & I’m Feeling the Blues

News came today not on television but from your best friend you didn’t want to deliver words saying you met someone you love more than you ever loved me I’m locked out of your life I know why you stopped answering calls & texts I’m sinking into the blues deep, deep, deep blues not doingContinue reading “It’s Midnight & I’m Feeling the Blues”

Our last evening together

I play back each word within my mind wondering what caused our relationship to crumble before my eyes Maybe it wasn’t words it may be someone new entered your life and you felt I wouldn’t understand and would only try to talk you out of it I sit alone tonight blaming myself In the daysContinue reading “Our last evening together”

The Season of Love

No, I don’t want to leave you but I must I see tears flowing from your eyes Your parents say I’m not your age you say you have to say goodbye our nights were good better than good they were jaw-dropping beautiful didn’t they have an idea how old I was? I ate with youContinue reading “The Season of Love”

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