Hitchhiking for a Date

My old Chevy purchased for $150 was broken down it was old and slow as date night arrived I planned to hitchhike to a dance and walked to a busy highway a police lady stopped asked if she could help I smiled, said it was friday I wanted to go to a dance and myContinue reading “Hitchhiking for a Date”

Dear Penpal, I almost made it in time

It’s been a long time I realize today it’s been too long Time turned into years since I received your first letter mailed from a small beach town you discovered my poetry book in a used bookstore and mailed a 7 page letter I wrote and sent you a signed collection of my other booksContinue reading “Dear Penpal, I almost made it in time”

Falling In Love With A Poet

I wonder as I read her poems what her love life is like. I imagine meeting her and, of course I think it will become romantic. I visualize how exciting her private life is. I ask (just to myself) can I join your life? And . . . can it be forever? I can’t rememberContinue reading “Falling In Love With A Poet”

May I have a drink of your wine?

Empty of thoughts I walk into a bookstore and begin flipping through books letting other poets’ words nourish the thirst within me. I drink freely from each poet’s glass of tasty wine. Creativity begins flowing and once again I begin writing and become a poet. By Jim Wortham

My poetry engine broke and I can use a little help from my friends

After 3 poetry books published this year my poetry engine died. My friend Ted tells me to get my poetry engine started by buying 4 or 5 kinds of tasty liquor then sit down and drink 6 to 12 drinks until poetry starts pouring out. Sebrena says to have some exciting experiences to see ifContinue reading “My poetry engine broke and I can use a little help from my friends”

waiting for love that never comes

She sits on the beach at twilight waiting for someone anyone with a friendly smile and warm words No one stops She appears homeless She made her home the beach and a nearby park where she sleeps on sand or a bench in the park with newspapers over her to stay warm She works allContinue reading “waiting for love that never comes”

I’m returning to Greenwich Village, New York to be a singer….listen for me on the radio

I wanted to be a beatnik missed that then thought I’d be a hippie I flew to Greenwich Village with a guitar and duffle bag filled with belongings rented a cheap hotel room met poets and wannabe singers who later became household names with books published and record deals     I was too insecureContinue reading “I’m returning to Greenwich Village, New York to be a singer….listen for me on the radio”

picking up broken dreams

I hope to find the path to my dreams. I keep  grabbing the rope to climb to the dreams.   Each time I almost get there. I let go of the rope too soon or the rope becomes ragged and breaks. I’m climbing again I see the rewards. I hope the rope doesn’t break thisContinue reading “picking up broken dreams”

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