One Day At A Time

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Not just one drug

but all I can name

She knows her friends

are not friends

Guys she believed were friends

and sad at the same time

gave her drugs

There was a cost

She started selling drugs

She was caught

She now offers personal favors

for drugs

I stopped by her attic apartment

bringing groceries

She had lost weight

She invited me in

I was surprised

She was playing Christian music

with large Bible laying open

She had been praying

I asked if she had time

for a visit

After talking awhile

she closed her eyes and prayed


Thank you for keeping me alive

Thank you for this food that was given to me

I know these drugs are a habit

I am ready to give them up

Please help me

make it through each day

Until then

give me strength

one day at a time

Afterwards we sat in silence,

her eyes meeting mine

her tears turned into a smile

I assured her

Jesus heard her prayers

She will be in my prayers

day and night


I left her apartment


What can I do to help her?

By Jim Wortham

The Drink

He tells me

“The Drink” has taken over my life

Years of his own praying

did not end the habit.

He continues

I was fighting “The Drink” when we met

He asked me to pray for him

Ministers I confided in have prayed for me

This will sound strange

I hope you will understand

God directed me to call you tonight for prayer

Please keep me in your prayers each day

I think God plans to use you to help me

Give up the drink.

We finished talking about the past year

his is very successful

We joked and laughed

he has a great sense of humor

As we ended our conversation

He prayed for me and I prayed for him


Please deliver my friend

from “The Drinkā€

     By Jim Wortham

Jesus, can you fix my broken day?

My morning seems broken

Did not want to get out of bed

Food has no flavor

I swallow multivitamins

instead of eating

I stare out the window

it is peaceful out there

but very cold

I will stay in

turn the phone off

It is a day to be alone

with my thoughts

to direct me

do nothing

or something

Maybe today is

for talking with Jesus

I do not need to turn my phone on

Hello Jesus

how are you today?

I Am Not Perfect

If I don’t ask you for help

I may never begin

nor finish a project

I wonder what others will think

if it “just isn’t perfect”

I read you can never be perfect

nothing is ever perfect

What I write will not be perfect

My prayers to you

won’t be perfect

Jesus, help me be okay

with not being perfect

Perfection is for you only

My words are my gift to you

Help me accept

my imperfect perfection


Jesus, help me off this merry go round

I feel I am at an amusement park

ready to be thrown off a merry-go-round

I am trying to keep up with life

with the obligations

I have accepted

Help me set down

the things others have asked of me

I cannot stand much longer

under the weight of the demands

Help me set down the projects

         that burden me

and walk away

I need time alone

I need time with you

Help me say no

when I need to say no

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