Thanks For Being My Friend

You walked with me

even to places

I should have never been

and you watched

as I did things

that were just wrong

You allowed me to trip

and fall

so I would

look for a different path

Angels protected me

the angels talked

& walked

& laughed

& all that time

I thought they were


You sent them

didn’t you?

I’m reaching for your hand

I’m older now

I don’t see as well

I believe my path

is changing again

Please keep walking

& talking

& protecting me,


Call Me From Heaven

Your car crashed

someone was speeding and

entered your lane

minutes later you were gone


I never got to say goodbye

I think of how many times

I could have called you

on the phone

Now I wish I had


no matter how late it was

Maybe sometimes you

waited for the phone to ring

One day

I’ll see you in Heaven

and I’ll call your name

and reach for your hand

and you will reach back

and touch my hand

and please know

when we meet again

I’ll bring love

that will last forever

The Last Phone Call

I wonder

after you breathed

your last breath

after just two days

after we talked . . .

I wonder why I forgot

to tell you how much

I appreciate you

how much

I need you

and how much

I love you

When my time comes

and I enter

the doors of Heaven

I will look for you —

will you

reach for my hand?

Can we continue

where we left off


Will My Poems Make Their Way Around The World?

It happened during college

I published a poetry book

of my poems titled


I spent $300

to print 1,000 poetry books

They sold slowly at first

as time went by they

sold in other countries

My college bookstore

sold the book for one dollar

I visited gift shops

independent bookstores

and head shops

I sent sample copies

to bookstores in

other countries

I received orders

from countries

Letters arrived daily

I had some penpals

from other countries

I published

two books a year

I thought my books would

continue selling but I learned

very few things

lasts forever

sometimes not even love

One day the lights went out

my books no longer

could locate

lovers of poetry

What happened

I’m not sure

but if it is possible

bring back those days

let me have a replay

let me

send my poems

throughout the world



Everyone Wants My Money

Does this happen to you?

Pick up your phone

and there is someone

trying to sell you something?

Open your mail

and there is an offer to buy

Watch TV

and there are offers

to buy

There is a fight

for your money

I laugh instead

of buying

If you can’t laugh

turn off the TV

don’t answer the phone

toss away your mail

Don’t we get tired

of the fight of others

wanting our money?

I’m becoming

a recluse

and a hermit

I’m giving away

my old belongings

to Goodwill

& Salvation Army

why would I buy more?

Someone asked why

I don’t buy a new car?

I replied


I would have

to find someone

to give it to —

don’t you see

my 12-year old car

is still running well?

Everywhere I turn

someone wants

my money

and it’s harder and harder

for me to be nice

when I tell them no —

how about you?

My Poetry Engine Has Not Been Running For A Long Time But I Got It Started Again

Once upon a time

after my teens, 20s and 30s

there were years

I neglected writing.

Let’s talk about my

poetry engine.

I allowed it to rust while

I chased new jobs, money

and material things that

don’t mean much anymore.

I lost time that should

have gone toward writing.

I actually forgot

how to write as I once did.

Now my poetry engine

is running –however slowly.

Thanks for reading

my prose and poems.

The poet inside me walked away without warning and will never come home again

Where did the poet go?

I try to write poetry

but my words

fall flat

without life.

The poet

walked away

as I made a living

and neglected

to provide

love and attention.

Without warning

my poet went to find

someone new

to find love and

won’t return.


will bring the poet

back home.

Lovely Lady, May I Join You Tonight?

I still want to meet


I try so often.

At coffee shops.

At book stores.

I was at a Books-a-Million Bookstore

when a lady who was

looking at the same authors’ books

asked “Have you read his books?”

Yes, I’d said, may I buy you a coffee?

I still have met ladies

even while being so shy.

Yes, I was so shy

I used to call girls on the phone

and hang up before

they answered.

(She really would not want to talk with me would she)?

I got older and forced myself to overcome

shyness (I never did)

but I took my chances meeting ladies

knowing they might look at me

and walk away.

I became more at ease

and sometimes I was lucky enough

to have a lady join me

for a delightful dinner

then we would spend the evening together.

And sometimes to become

part of

a long and loving relationship.

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